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Redoubt Fort Harwich - April 21st 2018

Harwich Redoubt Fort Ghost Hunt Saturday 21 April 2017 8pm until 2am £39 pp
Only 20 tickets available for this historic very active venue.

In 1808 the Napoleonic Wars were at their height, and the threat of a French invasion was very high. To counter the threat a series of 29 defensive Martello towers were built along a stretch of coast from Norfolk to Essex. The Harwich Redoubt is one of these Martello Towers. The fort is thought to have been constructed using French prisoners of war for labourers.

It was built to a circular plan, and is about 200 feet across. In the centre is a parade ground about 85 feet diameter. There were gun emplacements atop the battlements, with a system of hoists to lift shells to the gun crews. The fort was armed with ten 24-pounder guns, and housed up to 300 troops in 18 casements arranged around the parade ground.

In 1861 a fresh threat loomed, so the Redoubt was remodelled to take heavier 68-pound cannon, and the defences strengthened with granite facings to take the brunt of enemy fire. In 1872 a trio of 12 ton muzzle loading guns replaced 3 earlier cannon. Then in 1903 3 more 12 pounder guns replaced older models.

Though the defences kept being upgraded as threats looms, the Redoubt never saw action. It was allowed to fall into decay in the early 20th century, then briefly used as a detention centre by the military in WWII, holding soldiers awaiting trial. Some of the soldiers scratched graffiti in their cells, which can be seen by visitors.
The Ghosts of Redoubt ..
Witnesses have reportedly seen apparitions through the windows and heard unexplained footsteps. Many visitors to the fort have also reported being touched by unseen hands in the lower casements. There have also been many other mysterious noises, apparitions and hot and cold spots. The fort is well known to the apparition of a headless soldier. It is reported that in 1972 a soldier was decapitated by a cable attached to a 12 ton cannon which broke under the strain. The soldier has been reported to be walking within the grounds of the fort headless and sometimes with his head tucked under his arms. 


We will be doing a full investigation using trigger objects, glass moving Ouija boards REM pods table tipping and digital recorders.
Tea coffee and biscuits served through the night 


Redoubt Fort

Redoubt Fort Harwich

21st April 2018

Tickets Available - 20


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