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Kelvedon Nuclear Bunker - Jan 19th 2019 - Event Complete

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The bunker was first built in 1952-3 in secret over 7 months during the cold war. It was part of ROTOR which was an RAF defence programme. Initially the bunker had 3 main lives first was part of ROTOR, then it was used in the 60’s briefly as a civil defence centre and finally a regional government headquarters. there were bunk beds at the end of the tunnel to house the hundreds of military and civil personnel that would be stationed here in the event of a nuclear attack. The bunker is 125 feet underground and the entrance is through an ordinary looking bungalow. The bunker has its own air conditioning, heating water supply and generator. Along with radio equipment, telecommunication and teleprinters, most of which from 1952. Eventually in the early 1990’s when the nuclear threat was seen as diminished the bunker had been sold back to the Parrish family who had owned it in the 50’s. It is now a cold war museum.

During the construction of the site concrete had been used to fill in most of the bunker, it was being poured continually day and night. One morning the foreman’s helmet was found on top of the wet cement but he was nowhere to be found. Assumptions were that he had accidently fell into the mix and was buried within the walls of the bunker. Some people claim to hear groaning noises coming from inside the walls. Poltergeist activity from a malevolent spirit has been experienced down the 100 yard tunnel entrance, such things as things being thrown growls and heavy thumps. One long since unused generator in one of the rooms suddenly roared into life startling the people who were inside. One of the rooms with the most activity is the sick bay, why is the sick bay so important to these spirits? Also during construction a nearby ancient burial site was disturbed, are the spirits of the disturbed the ones lurking about in the bunker waiting to pounce on unsuspecting guests.

 followed by using digital recorders, REM pods, trigger objects, glass moving and Ouija boards!

We are only putting 15 tickets up for sale for what promises to be a fantastic night 
Tea Coffee and biscuits will be served throughout the night 
Please flat shoes only on this event and a warm coat. 
Don't forget your torch and camera!!

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