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Bromham Mill Bedford - 24th Feb 2018 

Bromham mill ghost hunt Saturday February 24th £39pp only 16 tickets available for this event.
It is uncertain whether the mill utilises a broadened natural watercourse or a purposely dug leat, as is often the case. A mill is likely to have occupied this site from at least late Saxon times when no bridge existed nearby as today. For much of its history the mill belonged to the Manor or Bromham and from medieval times would have ground the lord’s grain whilst his tenants would have been obliged to have their grain milled there exclusively for a charge (multure). Commercial operations would only have developed during the post-medieval period and these continued into the 20th century when in the hands of the Quenby family, though little milling was done there from the late 1930’s and none after 1971. By 1973 the building was dilapidated and to secure its future it was bought by Bedfordshire County Council. However. in 1974 it was further damaged by fire, but subsequent restoration enabled it to be opened to the public in 1983.
This building is tucked away in the small village of Bromham Bedfordshire and has rarely been investigated thanks to our relationship with Bedford Borough council we have been granted permission to investigate this wonderful building.  

This is a very historic building but we only making 16 places available  for this premium event.
We will be doing a full investigation using trigger objects, glass moving Ouija boards REM pods table tipping and digital recorders.
Tea coffee and biscuits served through the night 

Bromham Mill

Bromham Mill

24th Feb 2018

Tickets Available - 16


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