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Without feeling like a scooby doo episode, we do love the adventure of finding answers. We have both felt things in which we cannot explain, Just like the many people have for years before us.

The hidden beauty of finding a personal experience from someone searching for you from the other side is what really gives us a buzz. However, having said that we also love finding out stories through research of people we may find at locations, and why they may not have passed over and what there story was. 

The whole nature of ghosts seems to be a bit of a taboo subject which gets avoided to avoid the risk of seeming silly. We openly encourage all stories as they are what makes it even more interesting. No two encounters are the same, and for us that keeps it fresh and interesting.

We are a non profit organisation, all of our funding goes into new equipment, resources, competitons and locations. We aim to give everybody a chance to join in with the best possible experience, we love what we do and we want everybody to share our passion!


A Little Bit About Us




I mean 'Jinkies' I have been described as velma from scooby doo many times, but I know there is a clear difference from cartoons and real life, but it doesnt stop my love for the investigation!

I have always believed in ghosts as I have had my own experiences. However, like most I tried all I could to write it off as a 'trick of the mind'. Until I went on a ghost experience I would not talk about my experiences, due to the fear of sounding crazy. Once I had been on my ghost hunt it was refreshing to know that many people have had experiences. Although, I do still believe strongly that until someone has their own experience I would not try and convince them. I believe that paranormal activities happen because spirits have not passed on successfully and they need help to pass over. 

For many years there has been plenty of unexplainable happenings, however this does not stop the divide in those who do and dont believe. I would not tell someone to believe but I would like to actively encourage people to give it a go and see what they think then. 

In my advice I would say to write down what happens to you, whether big or small, and then research it with the location and more often then not there will be a link.




I have been interested in the paranormal for many years, I would say I am a sceptic. However, since my first of many ghost hunts I have witnessed activity that I just cannot explain. From knocks, to moving shadows and chilling cold spots. One thing I never expected was the personal effect the ghost hunts would have on me. I feel as if I have made contact with my lost ones. Via the tools of the trade, I have had experiences which have been so personal to me that no one would know other than those involved, and this has encouraged my desire for more! 

I would love for open minded people to join us on our events, with a bit of passion we can make each night a great night, whether your an experienced ghost hunter or a newbie looking for answers. 



I am the baby of the group. I'm only 16 years old, but I aint afraid of no ghosts!

I have been ghost hunting for a couple of years. I was never sure if ghosts/spirirts exsisted, but since I have been working with Paranormal Ghost Hunts I have witnessed some phenomenal activity, which I cannot explain. I love working with the technical side and enjoy seeing physical results, and in my opinion to get the best results keep an open mind and lots of energy. 

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